Smartphone & Bugs Detector


Introducing an innovative “smart things” detector, which surpasses traditional methods by employing a simpler yet efficient approach.

Our concept tackles the rising issue of clandestine surveillance and security
breaches driven by concealed smartphones and smart devices.
Tailored for diverse applications, it ensures privacy, and security .

Our detector addresses a pressing need for enhanced security and
confidentiality in various settings, making it an invaluable solution in today's technologically advanced landscape

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However, in the context of research and development we also implement our own concepts.






Enterprise Interpreter


Today multiculturalism is at its historical peak and the need for effective communication between members of societies where no local or international language is spoken, is acute.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology are able to solve this problem. Thanks to these technologies, computers can now not only recognize words literally, but also understand and process human speech through variations in syntax, grammar, sentence structure, and speaker intonation. 

Prior to the development of these techniques, text translation was done verbatim by algorithms, often completely distorting the meaning of the translated text.

Ermis is an AI powered Interpreter for professional use. It supports 360deg high sensitivity sound recording, light effects to interact with users’ peripheral vision, unique LCD ratio to reproduce in a more effective way dialogs, and provides Full-Range (Hi-Fi) 360deg sound reproduction

Protected Industrial Design

Patent Pending


Medical device designed for use in specific health departments and for particular purposes.

The device is part of a complete Medical Ecosystem, which is under patent registration process.
















Patent Pending

Medical Device

Unfortunately no information can be revealed for the main Medical Device of the Ecosystem.

Patent Pending

Device Peripheral

The Medical Ecosystem includes an AI powered  Peripheral. 

Product Design, Firmware Development, Software Development were all In-house developed. The device is also under patent registration process.  





ILOPIOS, which means "implementer" in ancient Greek, was designed with toughness and long-term industrial reliability in mind.

It's an high accuracy MSLA 3d printer with effective printing area 293X165X585mm

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